17 no. car parking spaces including 1 no. disabled. 1 no. motor cycle space and 36 no. bicycle spaces. Concrete RC slab to Engineer’s specification laid to falls and drained. Painted floor finish with natural ventilation, plant areas and bin stores.

Raised access floors to all office areas with carpet tile.

Generally skimmed plasterboard finish to all internal walls with exception of sanitary areas where selected wall tiles to finish.

Oak veneer finished door leaf with matching reveals. All ironmongery to be stainless steel.

Masonry block wall with externally rendered insulation boards finished to selected colour all to meet the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations.

Sedum green roof incorporating Bauder or similar approved waterproofing membrane on insulated roof deck with vapour barrier on steelwork and concrete to Engineer’s specification.

Metal suspended grid ceiling tile 1200 x 300mm with painted skimmed plaster board edge boarder typically 2.7m in height.

Fully fitted and finished toilet blocks to cores, with tilled floors and part tiled walls with skimmed plaster finish to wall board on ceilings.

Schuco Unitized curtain wall system with Polyester powder coated extruded thermally broken frame systems with glazing and selected stone infill panels.

Glazing panels to be low iron / ultraclear to Architect’s approval.

Stone panel sections to be 40mm limestone sections with square edges and open joints with flexible sealant to match.

Double glazed, thermally broken, hermetically sealed units. System to provide thermal insulation values to comply with the current Building Regulations for retail buildings.

Perimeter blinds to all glazed wall elements.

Selected paving to podium level with selected metal planters. Podium access stairs clad with limestone to match external unitized system. Various planting as per Landscape Architects specification.

Vertical green wall system to part north west façade stretching from podium level to roof level.

All internal columns to be encased with metal stud and skimmed plasterboard finish.

Structure of building – a lower ground floor is constructed in concrete frame to ground level, with a reinforced ground and lower ground slab. The 3 upper floors are constructed with a Comflor system (metal deck with concrete) and a Comflor structural roof. The frame of the upper floor is all in structural steel.

Floor loading – All office areas are to BS EN 1991-1-1, Section 6 – Imposed loading on Buildings, is 3.0kN/m2 with a Super Imposed Dead Load of 1.0kN/m2 allowance made for services, finishes & partitions. All lobby areas to be
4kN/m2. All roof areas 1.5 / 0.6kN/m2.

Lift Sizes: Office Building = 2 No. 800kg

Lift Speeds: 1m/s

Waiting Time: Passenger lift average waiting time is less than 25 seconds. This means that the buildings lift installation will meet the British Council of Offices (BCO) compliant solution and also the CIBSE Guide D – 6 Star Rating.

Design Parameters

Based on one person per 8 sq m
Lighting: 10W per sq m
General Services: 25W per sq m
Misc. Small Power: 10W per sq m
Mechanical Plant: 35W per sq m


Energy efficient LED modular recessed dimmable luminaires to comply with design intent of CIBSE Lighting Guide 7 (LG7).

Lighting design to reflect high quality reception area.

Toilets: Low energy lighting scheme provided.

Lighting Control

The main tenant lighting control system will utilise lighting control modules connected on a communication network to allow occupancy control.

The system will be programmable for any reasonable future fit-out requirement. Landlord areas will be provided with standalone presence / lighting control sensors.

Fire Alarm

A fire detection and alarm networked system in accordance with IS3218 and designed to an L1 standard installed throughout the building.

There are individual fire alarm loops to each tenant area.

Emergency Lighting

An emergency lighting system in accordance with IS3217 installed throughout the building.

Security System

An IP based CCTV system will monitor all Landlord core areas, reception, entrance foyer and all external areas.

Base access control systems / security systems are designed to allow for future tenant interface.

The systems shall be designed to IS EN 50131 standards and the PSA
Code of Practice.


An incoming telecommunication room will be served by different Telecom duct networks to allow for diverse connections to the building. Each of these communication rooms has spare duct capacity in addition to the Telecom service to the street for future connections to other providers. Cable tray distribution will be provided from the telecommunication room to IT riser which services the office floors.

Ventilation & Comfort Cooling

Fresh air is provided by new high efficiency thermal wheel heat recovery air handling units. The fresh air will be filtered and tempered with heating as required. 4-Pipe Fan Coil Unit (FCU) comfort heating and cooling system will be provided in the ceiling voids.


High efficiency gas fired condensing boilers provide heating for the following applications;

  • FCUs in open plan offices and reception.
  • Radiators in stair cores and back of house areas.
  • Air Handling Unit (AHU) heating coils.
  • Domestic hot water cylinder heating coils.


The offices will be served by chilled water circuits from the central landlord chiller plant for the following applications;

  • FCUs in open plan offices & reception

Domestic Water Services

Mains, cold and hot water will be piped to the various outlets and sanitary facilities to be provided in the office development. Hot water storage cylinders will be provided in the basement heating energy centre to meet the requirements of the sanitary facilities, future fit-out tea stations and cleaning facilities.

Building Management System

A complete Building Management System (BMS) will control all primary mechanical plant and environmental systems on each floor. The system will be open network to all interface with other systems.

External Design Conditions

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Summer: 26°C db/20°C wb
Winter: -5°C db (100% saturated)

AreaWinter Temp.
Summer Temp.
RH %
Open Plan Office21°C – 23°C22°C – 25°CNo Control
Toilet Areas19°C – 21°CNot controlledNo Control
General/Circulation19°C – 21°CNot controlledNo Control

Offices: 10 litres / second person at 1 person per 8m2
Toilets: 10 air changes per hour extract
Cleaners Stores: 10 air changes per hour extract

Open Plan Office: NR 35
Toilet Areas: NR 40
Plant Rooms: NR 50


The building is targeting LEED Gold accreditation and Building energy Rating (BER) of B1.